Ivano Redaelli

With over 60 years of international success, IVANO REDAELLI has become renowned for textiles and furniture for the bedroom, living and dining. All of IVANO REDAELLI’s masterpieces are conceptualised, designed and executed in the highest standards of materials, qualities and craftsmanship. Their reputation is second to none, producing the highest quality pieces by the highest qualify craftspeople. At the beginning of the 1990's, IVANO REDAELLI took original collections, which were inspired by traditional, classical aesthetics and style, to a new level by creating new pieces inspired by the latest fashion trends from around the world. The collections resulting from this new-found influence offered products for the home that were consistently on-trend, according to the contemporary influences the world had to offer. The inseparable elements of fashion and material, and the willingness and dedication to apply it to furniture and home accessories, result in products which please both the head and the heart. A dedication to true, unparalleled luxury result from IVANO REDAELLI drawing upon their decades of experience, creating contemporary, gorgeous pieces that are as beautiful to behold, as they are to touch and interact with.