At twenty years old as a business, you’re old enough to revel in what’s become, you’re still young enough to wish for what’s to come next, and wise enough to appreciate the present for the gift that it is.  It doesn’t magically happen.  It’s a team effort from the staff here in the showroom and teams installing on the road, to the designers and suppliers whose crafts we celebrate, to the clients we have enjoyed such beautiful relationships with over years and sometimes even generations.  A huge thank you to you all.

We do take great pride in what we do. Discovering, nurturing and educating on design, embracing creative talent and giving it a platform in this wonderful showroom. Whilst finding every way possible to facilitate individual lifestyles, add meaning to the material, add function to form, to add pleasure to place, all of these combining to reflect the uniqueness in each of you, to create what we all want to call home.

Interested in attending the next Design Minds? Contact info@ultimo.com.au to register you interest in the next Masterclass and we will ensure you get that invite.

Ultimo Interiors Creative Director ANDREW THORNTON HICK will conduct a presentation on Sebastians work at 12PM and 2PM  Saturday 16th November 2019 for Open House Perth.

53 Bayview Tce Claremont at an exclusive Pop Up Exhibition. New works will be on show from Wittmann, Pulpo, Classicon, Schonbuch, Freistil and GUBI.

Be sure not to miss it!