Ultimo Furnishes 2014 Australian Home of the Year

Ultimo is proud to have designed and furnished the interior of the beautiful Giorigi Exclusive Home that has been awarded Australia’s best custom home!

It is with great pleasure that Ultimo congratulates Giorgi for being awarded Australia’s 2014 HIA-CSR Australian Home of the Year and the 2014 HIA Australian Custom Built Home for the home at Hobbs Avenue, Dalkeith.

Harnessing the creative language that architect Mark Rietveld poured into this project, we were able to take much direction from his use of materials, layering of exotic finishes and well-considered proportions in the home.  The level of detail is phenomenal. The level of consideration takes ones breath away.

Ultimo and Giorgio sought to achieve a weave of connectivity between forms and finishes across the home with a two-fold objective of both enhancing the luxurious selections already made and layering the language of the home to give depth.  The result is that the home has a completeness across all mediums.  Your eye and touch are led equally through the home as each space builds from the last such that it is impossible not to be positively charged whilst experiencing the space.

Building on modernist principles is a level of luxury finishing that is more akin to art deco inspiration than pared down modernism.  The use of artisans to create many of the homes detailed finishes by hand is easily discerned.  In this sense there’s very much so two worlds colliding in a unique concentrate.

Furniture used within the award-winning Hobbs Avenue home is available to view at the Ultimo Showroom located at No.4 Hutton St Osbourne Park, WA 6017.