Over the 2010 to 2013 period Ultimo Interiors expanded our showrooms to take over the entire space which had previously been three separate tenancy’s in the 4 Hutton Street building.  As Perth’s premiere luxury interiors destination, there was a desire to unify the previously three separate showrooms with one façade design that physically and aesthetically encapsulated the brand philosophy of Europe’s leading design houses.

The unique two level structure and sloping nature of the block had to be reconciled with a structural foil of contemporary architecture that opened the design dialogue for the state of the art interiors on offer inside.  We also wanted to re-focus foot traffic to the entrance by extending the canopy area and using material contrasts to highlight the entry.  With external fire doors and waste storage areas needing to be concealed within compliant means, we also had some practical functions to add to the new façade which needed creative solutions.  Working with Joe Chindarsi we were able to bring a thirty year old warehouse space into the present with an eye-catching composition that cemented our design presence in Perth.  Working through many concepts from the artistic to the philosophical, Joe was able to craft a solution that answered all the diverse criteria of the brief. 

The end result is a new skin on Hutton Street that is an asset to the streetscape as much as it is to Ultimo.